About Patriot V-Twin

Take a ride down the Mother Road, old Route 66 in downtown Kingman, Arizona. Experience the time of the old west and visit the railroad station, historical museum, and mining communities in the area. Don’t forget about checking out the ghost towns, like Oatman or Mineral Park too.

These are only a few of the things you can experience on your journey through the upper Northwest corner of Arizona.

Owners David and Patricia of Patriot V-Twin

David and Patricia wanted to bring back the days of American made products for sale and to help support our US workers. They have focused mostly on supplying American made products in their store from maintenance items, accessories and yes, even apparel such as short and long sleeve shirts, skull caps, gloves, leather jackets, chaps, and vests. Come out and see for your-self!

They are also supporters of the U.S. Military and with certain items sold at Patriot V-Twin, funds go to supporting different causes for those who have served.

Both David and Patricia come from a history of motorcycle riding. Patricia was born in the state of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. With a dad and two brothers riding motorcycles, mini bikes and go-karts, is what inspired Patricia to start riding also. The first bike she rode was a YZ80 dirt bike at 17. Since then she has ridden different types of bikes, however, now she has her 06’ Dyna Super Glide, which she converted into a Trike. This is so she is able to continue riding into her prime. You may even have a chance to see it if you stop by the store. It is a “one of a kind” trike.

David, grew up in Washington State, and had also grown up with the love of the road and had started riding when he was 16. The bike he had for years was a 51’ Panhead, which he road quite often and after over 20 long years, sold it to a collector and purchased a 99’Heritage Classic. To this day he takes very good care of this bike and it still looks brand new, with new paint and accessories. David has a lot of riding experience and knowledge of how bikes handle. He would be glad to share his experiences with you if you like.

Whether you have an old bike or something new, Patriot V-Twin is able to supply affordable after-market products for most motorcycles, along with accessories, and apparel for both rider and passenger.


Provide the motorcycle enthusiast a place to purchase affordable products and make their life's journey memorable